About Us

Software Freedom!


Retention Range is an open source solutions company headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. As the name suggests we believe that there must be a measure of retention in the money that enterprises spend to buy the software products that they use. This necessary retention range in software purchase can only be achieved through Software Freedom.

It is important to us that you are empowered by your software solutions to meet all your business needs. Our objective is to give you the flexibility and control over your computer solutions thus empowering you to take your business to greater heights.

Our philosophy is anchored on the four software freedoms defined by the Free Software Foundation:-

  • The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how the program works and adapt it to your needs.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help others.
  • The freedom to improve the program and release your improvements to the public, so that everyone benefits.

Join us as we promote this platform that will enable all nations to participate in the 4th industrial revolution.

What We Do

Retention Range develops enterprise solutions based on open standards in line with Free Software Foundation and Open Source Intiative principles. We are part of the international open source development community participating in the development of softwares for personal and corporate use across various sectors. As an open source solutions company, we mirror some open source resources to facilitate local and regional access. We have teams of developers engaged in various software projects, all meant to provide enterprises with high quality and affordable solutions to efficiently run their businesses. Our solutions enrich our customers by exposing them to the freedoms of open source.

We are a computer manufacturer of RETENTION desktop computers. By buying these cheaper RETENTION computers, our customers retain their money.

We are currently manufacturing the followinging range of computers:-

  • Retention classic – Open source Operating system Desktop running Linux Mint for home and office use.
  • Retention Edu – Open Source Operating system Desktop running Edubuntu for schools and students at home.
  • Retention Legacy – Proprietary Operating System Desktop running Microsoft Windows for home and office use

We also distribute various computer components and CCTV solutions from our partners.

Our current markets Botswana, SADC and Africa. We are headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana.


To enrich enterprises by exposing them to the freedoms of open source


To have Free Libre Open Source Solutions (FLOSS) in use across all sectors of the economy


  • Customer Centric
  • Botho - Ubuntu
  • Openness
  • Software Freedom
  • Many eyeballs, No bugs

Latest News


Gaborone, Botswana – March 27, 2017 – Retention Range, is pleased to announce the launch of Ubuntu Mirror for Open Source Softwares. This will enable Retention Range to offer developers and the ICT community local access to a range of open source resources.

First African partner to offer Collabora Online

Cambridge, United Kingdom – February 23, 2017 – Collabora Productivity, the developers behind LibreOffice Online, has partnered with Retention Range in Botswana, making Collabora Online available for the first time in Africa.